Sunday, 18 April 2021

Natural and organic products are marketed in two forms:

OrganiHUME: Partially granulated form and is used under soil.

Organi LIQ: This product is used  through the spray, pressurized irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, Bablr, etc.) and flood irrigation.


Products Features:

1- Physical benefits:

-Keeping soil moisture through the spongy tissue.

-Restoration of soil structure in clay soils and sandy and improve germination and root growth.

-Balance soil temperature and protect plants against chilling and heat stress.


2-Chemical benefits:

-As a catalyst (stimulus) causes faster absorption of nutrients in the soil by plants.

-Ph adjustment and neutralize the acid and alkaline soils.

-liberalization the elements that remained in the soil.

- Destroying fungi and toxins left in the soil

3-Biological benefits:

-The rapid growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil
-The rapid growth of plant roots

- Pollination speed

- Plant hormones regulate